Wow!  You did splendidly!  While you tell us all about your victory in the comments, I’m going to post it on my on social media accounts…all twenty of them.

(Kimmy: Don’t judge us; that’s the life of a celebrity.)

(Romana: Besides, Kimmy and I don’t have quite as many accounts as I.C. does.)

    That’s because Kimmy has sporadic ad-clicking habits that have resulted in her accidently deleting an account or two, not to mention that virus she got that one time.  You, my dear Greco, have yet to adapt to the modern age, despite the fact you’ve been on New Ruyngard for how many generations now?

(Kimmy: So, I have problems with saying “No,” to a good deal.  Some of my shiniest boots were bought from clicking a random ad.)

(Romana: And with you referencing my age, you should be respecting your elders, Ima Crystal.)

    True, true, I’m sorry, Romana.  You’re still gorgeous and wise for being two thousand years old.  But what can I say for my other secret about my life?  Hmm…Okay, so here’s one.  If you’ve played our Allergy game, then you can take comfort in knowing that I loved the cows so much that I had my husband start our own farm!  Of course, this was a year after the fact.  The farmer of the place in that game got tired of me practically living there at one point.  His wife cooks a good breakfast though, so that helped calm him down half the time.

(Kimmy: Alright, I.C., it’s past your bedtime.)

(Romana: Hahaha!  You’re so precious, you two.)

    Say, that means you’re finally up next, Kim.  Are you sure you’re ready for this responsibility?  I mean, if you want, I can host it for you since the Roman Numerals insist I should be covering both.

(Kimmy: Sure!  I’ll let you host each and every game over screen.)


(Romana: See you there!)

(Kimmy: Join me in the next quiz, guys.  I’m sure you will have just as much fun as you did here…or even more fun, if that needs to be said, he he! 😉 )

    Okay, we will continue our jokes in 2 Corinthians as my best pal, Kim, hosts that.  My other bestie, Greco Romana, and I shall be the lovely Game Over Council in that quiz, so you don’t want to miss it.  Be sure to follow our website by following the instructions for that on the side, if you haven’t already, then head over to the next quiz, or play the Allergy.  Either way, I will hang out with you again soon.

I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed yours. 🙂

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