And that is how Kimmy got fired.

(Kimmy: I’m still in the room, ha ha!)

I can’t restrain you from my presence, but I can ignore you.

(Kimmy: I bet you can’t.)

I can, too, ignore you, Kimmy.  See?  I’m so totally ignoring you right now.

(Kimmy: So, what’s the answer to the question, smarty skirt?)

The answer is that God works in the heart of the one who is being disciplined.  This isn’t to be all “Hey, you don’t belong here!”  It’s supposed to be, “Yo!  Dude, realize where you are and wake up!”

(Romana: That’s a good way of putting it.  I’m sure glad you remembered the answer without Kim’s help.)

(Kim: Ha ha!)

I know, right?  It’s almost like Kimmy’s not even here right now, lookin’ all stylish in those fancy duds. 😉

(Kim: Alright, jokester, what’s the next question?)

What is chapter 14 about?


-The resurrection-


-Having an orderly service-