I guess Paul could have written 20, but he only wrote 4, as far as I know.  Now, you may be wondering why these extra letters were not included, to which I say you should appreciate the beauty of this situation.  While there are some fraudulent books that definitely have no place even being near a Bible, there are some writings that were either penned by folks such as Peter and Paul, or even pointed out by Scripture itself, that is still not with the pages of God’s Word.  That tells us two important facts.  The first is that God is not afraid to suggest we read other materials besides His book, as long as we understand these resources don’t supersede the Bible.  The second thing to take away from this is that Paul the man is not inspired.  God spoke His inspired words through Paul to write and dictate what we read in Scripture, but this does not mean every single thing the apostle said and did was equal with God Himself.  Paul was not the physical representation of God on Earth.

(Kimmy: Summary number one, it’s okay to read a commentary or a math book.)

(Romana: Summary number two, just because God used men to write the perfect Bible does not make those men perfect in everything they personally did or said.)

    And with that, you have my permission to graduate.  Seriously, you guys were great students that made teaching a fun, easy experience that I’d like to do again.  However, it is now your turn to teach me by you giving the lesson in the easy and hard modes.  Let me tell you a secret about my background, then we will give you control of the class, he he!

    Saying I started out as kind of a bratty villain is boring, and you’ll probably read about that later anyway, so let me think of something good.  Oh, this should be a good starter since we still have the hard mode secret to think about.  Remember my elbow drop comment?  Well, I used to be a regular champion in a fighting competition, and the elbow drop was one of my favorite ways to stylishly finish a match.  Don’t think I’m promoting that activity.  That was in my old days, before becoming a System Guard.  I mean we ladies still spar for fun and all, but it’s a far cry from my professional fighting life.

(Romana: I’m so excited!  Let’s hurry so we can hear the other secret soon!)

(Kimmy: I’d bite my nails anxiously, but the glittery polish is helping to kill that idea.)

Alright, we’re off to the easy mode!  If you came here from the easy mode, then we’re off to the hard mode!

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