David numbered the people.  He took a census, which was against what God had said.  Thus, God punished David with a plague.  However, David prayed for mercy since it was his sin and not the people’s, so God gladly showed mercy.  Dave even gave a sacrifice and refused someone offering to help with the financial aspect of his sacrifice.  This was a great show of God’s mercy, as well as of David’s willingness to fully repent.

That said, we move on to the next question.  I want to know why David was not allowed to build the temple for God.  When he expressed his concern for living in a palace while the Lord was only given a tent for a temple, David was told he would not build this building, but his son would.  Why?

-He numbered the people-

-He committed adultery-

-I’m joking.  He built the temple-

-He was a bloody man from all his fighting-