Well, isn’t this cozy?  My secret buddy invited me into their home, so here I am on the couch, just chillin’ while the wife is baking cookies.  Of course, the kids are in bed by now, so our super-secret business is secure.  YES!  I did come here for actual work!  I can’t believe you’d suggest that I came here just for the food!  Hey!  What was that?!


“Haha!  Surprise!  I wouldn’t have known to ambush you if you hadn’t come inside first, chump!”

    Ow!  This thug must’ve broken in through a window, and did he clobber me good!  Owie! Owie! Owie!  If I had seen him coming, he wouldn’t have overpowered me and slammed me around the room so easily!!  B-but, after that brutal beat down, I…I…losing…conscious….  No…leave them…alone….


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