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This is where you can ask you questions about the series, characters and overall confusion of everything here, and we will gladly respond to you.  Just ask your questions in the comment box down below and wait for the response in your email.

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  1. Found a bug on the site: If you go to an individual comic’s page (not theatre/carousel preview), the ‘next’ button usually links to the end of the archive; or to some other arbitrary point in between. Eg. links to 22 instead, and anything from 22 on links to 30. This also happens with When You Really Think About It and Lightspeed Lab; I haven’t tested anything else yet.


  2. Found another thing…
    … Two.

    First one: I’m not sure if it’s just due to the lack of comments, but I can’t see anything that would indicate I’m missing them as I scroll through. That’ll be less of a problem once the other view is fixed, since I’ll just use that.
    Second: Timestamps are shown in UTC instead of local system time. I don’t mind them staying as UTC, but it’d be nice to get a label for it if that is to be the case.

    Ah, actually, two more:
    3) Are you able to attach captions as per Facebook? The comments you put with each page are too fun to miss out on.
    4) Also, I already found that HTML works fine, but would it be possible to get a note on the comment box saying which kinds of markup are supported? (Because BBCode is awesome, so if it works, I’d like to know!)


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