The time has come, for Bill Reese can no longer continue in his hatred.  “Naomi, please forgive me for my wickedness.”  He goes on to pour out his heart in repentance toward Naomi, having already repented to his God for this hatred, only to find that Naomi does more than forgive him.  What she says surprises him, probably more than it should.

    “You old goat, you realize I have all the convictions of the real Naomi Reese, along with all of her memories, none of which are of heaven?  I don’t think she left the streets of gold any more than you do.  I don’t know if I’m a soul or an animal or some freak of science, but I do know I have feelings that were hurt.  Oh, of course, I forgive you!  But the main thing is that I agree that Naomi is safe in the arms of Jesus, away from all this nonsense.  Now, let’s go pray for that friend of yours, Zack.”

    Later that night, there is a special news bulletin from Washington D.C.  What a wonder it is to see America’s Founding Fathers standing among the very monuments built in their memory.  This wonder is quickly extinguished in the hearts of the American people when their first President declares war on the current government for trampling on our nation’s principles with the last few generations of corrupt politics.  What nightmare is this?!


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