The next day, Bill and Naomi are looking at a photo album of her ancestry when he gets a phone call…from me!  And THAT’S why he’s in the story, besides the moral aspect.

    “Mr. Reese, this is Agent Jackson, but you can call me Jackie.  I’m calling about the murder of Zack Malone.  Is there anything you can tell us that might help us catch all the bad guys?”

    “He called twice in the last few weeks, scared out of his wits.  Did you get my number on his contact list?”

    “That’s why you’re a good lawyer, Mr. Reese.  I would’ve gotten your number that way, but his phone, along with several other significant items, was missing from the scene of the crime.”  Sure, I knew a lot more then I let on, but I figured it was best this way, of course.  “I’d like to meet you, Mr. Reese, so I’ll contact you when the time arises.”

“I’ll do whatever I can to help.”


    Sometime later, Bill is sitting in the alleyway at the coordinates I gave him when his phone rings yet again.  “Mr. Reese, this is Agent Sparks.  I just want to reassure you that Agent Wolf Woman and I are nearby, and we will make sure you are completely safe.”

“Thank you,” says Bill.

    Just then, a black car drives by, catching Agent Spark’s attention. “Good, good!  Everything is going according to plan.  Agent Wolf Woman, we just need to make sure the car follows us.  Mr. Reese, plenty of husbands sit in that spot, waiting for their wives to come out of the little grocery store there, so they’ve no reason to believe you’re with us.  We’re just two agents making a rendezvous.  All you need to do is tell us if our man is in the car.”

    But a few minutes later, things change with a single gunshot.  “Agent Wolf Woman?!  Agent, speak to me!  Agent down!  We have a wolf breed K9 agent down!  I repeat, we have a K9 agent down!  I’m in pursuit of the car, and I’m sure this is the Bull Moose, himself!”

    Reese realizes what Jackie has done to him.  “There are shots being fired, and NOW I know that Jackson left my life in the hands of two police dogs with those crazy communication contraptions?!”


More shots are fired, Bill freaks out and a car scene commences.

A: Left

B: Right

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