The big secret of the game used to be the reveal of Trixie’s dad Officer Tyler Todd as the dude everyone loves to torment, but those who have read to the end of All Cheerful & Rosie already know this fact.

    For that matter, the series finale even lets us see what Dwayne looks like as we learn he is actually Tyler’s cousin.  So, we know the identity of the dude, we’ve seen his cousin’s face and we are also told at some point in the series that the lovely customer Tina is actually the witty baby sister of this diner mystery man.  All that said, this is how we came to the conclusion of what to share with you for the new game secret.  Are you ready?

    You actually get to see Tina Todd’s face now.  Yay for you!  Oh, and the secret gets more profound than that, as you may have already noticed something seems very familiar about the bubblegum-blowing beauty.  No, she’s not the agent you might be thinking of, but if you are familiar with what the System Guards and Baylors say about the storyboards, then you’ll know what I mean when I say Tina Todd is the sweeter Storyboard VII version of the snarky young lady you know from a crazy Storyboard XL series involving a certain detective being dragged into a would-be talent show.  Are all the pieces coming together?  Is your mind being blown by this wacky revelation?  Well, neat!

    So now, congratulations on finally solving the mystery!!  Woohoo!!  Don’t forget to follow our website if you haven’t done so by this point in our friendship together so you can get more updates on any new material we post.

Thank you so much for playing this delightfully entertaining game!

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