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Month: May 2021

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Lightspeed Lab Ezekiel Challenge

Alright, sis, here goes!  Did you enjoy the Lamentations quiz with my Ivory?  If you did and you thought she was a fun hostess, just wait until you hang out with me, Vivi!  This Ezekiel challenge is just a blast waiting to happen, so let’s not waste time. Do you want the tutorial, the easy questions or the hard questions?  […]

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Lightspeed Lab Lamentations Challenge

Don’t be sad; Lamentations is here!  I’m Ivory Nocturne, and this is another exciting Bible quiz, here for your learning and enjoyment.  This System Guard is eager to learn more about you quizzers as we hang out together for the next few moments, and it’s my hope that you find my company equally valuable. Listen to these options and decide […]

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Lightspeed Lab Jeremiah Challenge

Justice returns!  For those that first met me in the quiz concerning Song of Solomon, our reunion is quite thrilling!  For our friends who have yet to know my name, it is as I have said.  I am Justice!  Let us thus endeavor to learn what we can of this precious book of the Bible we call Jeremiah. Will you […]