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Month: February 2019

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Week of 2/18/2019

How are you and God getting along? Are you abiding in His Word?  Is His Word abiding in you?  Do you have a mighty need for prayer or encouragement?  However we can help, let us know.  This week’s newsletter is mainly here to tell you that Joshua’s pictures and questions have been completed, so this week I’ll start on putting the site […]

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Week of 2/11/2019

Happy (Still) February! Our news this week is fairly straightforward.  Those who missed the finale of System Guards can find it here, under the name Birthday Bedlam.  I’m currently working on the Bible quiz for the book of Joshua, as well as Judges and Ruth.  Prayerfully, they’ll greet you every week or every other week in the next little bit.  Finally, […]

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Week of 2/4/2019

Happy February! Not too much going on here, other than our Rosie posts and such.  Wait…. Oh yeah!  Our Genesis quiz has a little thing called Hard Mode now, if you’re interested, as well as a beginner’s course for those who don’t think they’d make it through the main game.  You can play that by clicking the picture below.  This […]