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Month: June 2018

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Week of 6/25/2018

The last week of June?  Ooooo!   I feel a wave of deja vu coming on as I’m typing this article for the second time, haha!  So, with next week being July 4th and my readers being from a wonderful variety of locations beside the United States, what are you guys up to next week?  Obviously, you will be reading […]

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Week of 6/18/2018

The week of June 18…tada!   Can’t really think of anything too deep to say, besides discussing quantum physics, eternity, the holographic universe, hyper-dimensions, the powerful name of Jesus Christ and the vastness of God’s love.  Yup, the brain well’s dry today.  XP Lol   And away we go!   When You Really Think About It (click the pic): And […]

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Week of 6/11/2018

Are you ready for that game we’ve been promising for weeks now?   Well, I cancelled it.   And away we go!   When You Really Think About It (click the pic): I’m kidding.  The games are at the bottom. And yes (don’t click the pic): If you have need of prayer, just put it in the comments on this […]

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It’s Finally Game Day!

You read right! After the long wait, the game I promised you has finally arrived!  But here’s the thing I didn’t tell you:  I posted a second new game with it! I’ll mention this again in tonight’s newsletter, but I wanted to make sure it got out more than once today so everyone knows about it.  The two games can […]

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Week of 6/4/2018

Well, it’s June, I guess. So, what are we going to do for the whole summer, since we are taking a break from the regular episodes?  Want to play Uno?  Keb, go get the board games!   Being serious now, here are some episodes from earlier in our series to give you new readers a chance to catch up some.  […]