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Month: May 2018

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Week of 5/28/2018

We are on time! Well, this is the last post of the month and before the summer break (at least on our calendar).  That means this is the last post with new episodes until August.  SO, we will use the summer time to review some old eps for the benefit of our new readers.  Besides, you need to be on […]

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Week of 5/14/2018

Hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful! This spring is almost over, which means the season finales for a few of our series is right around the corner!   And away we go!   When You Really Think About It (click the pic): And yes (don’t click the pic): If you have need of prayer, just put it in the comments […]

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Week of 5/7/2018

May the Siete de Mayo be with you! Ok, so maybe we’re stretching it big there.  Either way, it’s time to enjoy some more comics.  Just a heads up that this month will be the last for new posts until August to give you a chance to enjoy the summer months.  I’ll probably still do When You Really Think About It […]