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Month: April 2017

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Important Facts About Baptism

Why Do We Do It? In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commanded His disciples to make other disciples and to baptize them.  Right after He left for heaven, we see His disciples doing just as He had told them in the book of Acts as they instruct their new converts to believe in Jesus and be baptized. Will I Go To Heaven […]

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The Macedonian Call

One Door Closed In Acts 16, Paul and Silas had just recruited Timothy and were ready to continue taking the Gospel to the people of Asia Minor when the Holy Spirit forbade them from doing so.  With this being so, they tried this area and that, but the same kept being the case; the Holy Ghost just would not let […]

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Dealing With Technicalities

I have a big question: Are you getting these emails ok?  If so, give some feedback in the comments or something so I know the notifications are working just fine. Also: The glossary is giving me a bit more trouble than I had anticipated, so the additions may go a bit more slowly at first.  Wonderful technology.

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A Little Tidbit From Philippians 1

Just thought I’d share something interesting from my devotions today.   So in Philippians 1:7, Paul uses the word meet to describe his confidence in God working in the lives of the church.  I’m sure many of us will probably think of the phrase help meet in Gen. 2:20, and assume that Paul is saying it is “appropriate or suitable” […]

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This Week Starts Awesome!

     Hey, just wanted you to know that this week’s episodes of comics are up, including my most detailed episode of James Scott yet. Yeah, there will probably be a few more Bible lessons this week, too, since I was kind of slacking last week. I’ll also work on adding more entries to the glossary, so find stuff to […]

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More Then Eggs And Dresses

Getting Ready On Sunday     While it is fun to come to church in new clothes and see all the pretty colors between people’s attire and the newly budding trees and flowers, it can also be quite a hassle.  I mean, come on; it’s still a Sunday morning.  The kids are still the same slowpokes.  The alarm clock is still […]

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Happy Easter Weekend!

HE IS RISEN!! I will try to have a new Bible lesson up today, obviously about the subject we are all so wonderfully focused on.  But whether you see it now or by next week, I hope you have a happy time rejoicing in the fact that, because of His sacrifice in taking our place and rising from the dead, […]

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SG Library

Introducing System Guard HQ librarian, Techbot 0.1 and the newly added (pitifully empty) Inner Man Theatre site glossary. Ok, so when you see the page, don’t freak out, because I’m currently adding stuff even at this second, so at any moment, from day to day, there’s going to be, not only helpful info to clear up the clouds, but also extra […]

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This Weekend’s Letter

I’m just letting you know that I’m going to be mailing out the bi-weekly newsletter this weekend.  Not only will it have some updates about the last fortnight, but it will also have some quick bio trivia about one of our many characters.   If you have already opted to follow our page, that’s good, but it’s not the same thing […]

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You Don’t Know Jonah

Why The Wacky Title? Why not? Point 1- Ok, so I’m being facetious!  Haha, there is an actual reason, which is simply this: if anyone actually believes that the God of the Old Testament was a bloodthirsty tyrant who judged at the drop of a hat, then you don’t know Jonah. Jonah Hated Nineveh- When God told Jonah to go […]

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Soup’s Up!

Thought you’d like to know this week’s batch of Quick Comics are up with possibly the most important episode of James Scott, if not for all my comics thus far, as it explains the bizarre background behind everything.  Check it out!