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Month: March 2017

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Happy Friday

That’s Right!  Happy Friday, Readers!! Thank you for sticking with us so far!  We look forward to many exciting Fridays with you yet ahead…as well as Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and so forth! What?  Do all of my updates have to be groundbreaking?

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Making Up For Failing God

Are You Down? Do you ever feel like you have sinned so badly or so often that you need to catch up to where you were in God’s eyes?  Well you are in good company, but before slumping in despair, consider the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David.  As far as sins go, David is known for adultery, murder, […]

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Count It All Joy

James 1:1-12 Here is a passage with which many are familiar.  Though I had heard it, myself, several times growing up, I remember a particular week in which it seemed that God was constantly rehearsing the chapter in preparation for something.  Though I tried to get this passage down, I couldn’t have known how important these principles would be when a storm did […]

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A Little Straightening Up

Whoa! Look at the home page! So, this week, we reorganized the site to give a more balanced presentation of the emphasis on the Bible-related areas in correlation with the comic pages.  Hopefully, you will like the changes! Yeah, that was basically it for this post.   UPDATE: Ok, so yeah!  I’m still experimenting with different appearances, sorry!  Haha!

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Why I Like Genesis

Taken For Granted? The first and possibly most interesting lesson series in Sunday school, the Genesis stories are ones Christians either know or are familiar with.  So, here is why I like Genesis. The First Family Here, God forms everything from nothing, including time, space and reality.  He merely speaks everything into existence, yet has time to form man and […]

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AB & Sister Taking A Break

This week’s episode of AB & Sister introduces some really awesome things, from new characters to the most amazing aspect of the story world, its open-endedness!! The System Guards Are Real!! Because the characters know they are imaginary, that lets the story interact with you, the reader, as realistically as your computer or your cat!  But unlike your cat, if […]

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Psalm 37: Chill

Introducing Billy Yesterday, I shared our topic passage here with my kids in children’s church and used the stick figure character, Billy, to set the stage for our lesson.  Billy is a new Christian who struggles with the fact that Nate, Nicknamed “Not Billy”, has a pretty girlfriend and his own little group of followers while Bill is left all alone with […]

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New Episode of James Scott!!

In this week’s episode of James Scott The delightful, yet mysterious, EMJ finally meets her birth mother for the first time in her life, a powerful politician on the distant English space colony, New Cambridge.   What Emily Madeline wants to know is why she was given away in the first place, but for some reason, her mum wishes to discuss […]

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Ruth: A Book of Choice

A Bit Of Background At a time when both Moses and Joshua had long since passed from this earth, Israel was led by judges that governed the people since God did not desire for them to have an earthly king, as He was their King.  It was during this time that the stubborn nation went through a pitiful cycle of rebellion, […]

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Every Christian’s First Lesson

How To Know You’re Saved Everyone wants to go to heaven, but most people who don’t really look into it think that the process of winning God’s favor is some difficult, day-to-day struggle of living like you should.  Well, would you be more likely to look into it if I told you that you could be saved, and easily so, […]